Tobin Helps Us Score Membership Goal

Karen Tobin joined the Mizzou Triangle Tigers during our May picnic and helped the alumni chapter meet its membership drive goal of 10 new members in 2016-17. Board Members Jim Morgan and Jim Wahlbrink, membership chairs, created a membership drive football field sign, that moved the football 10 yards down the field for every member who joined this year. Karen’s membership scored a touch down. Pictured is Jim Morgan and Karen moving the football on the sign into scoring position.

Karen moved to Raleigh in January 2017 from St. Louis, Missouri, her hometown. She was relocated by her employer BSA LifeStructures, an architecture engineering design firm, which has offices in St. Louis and Raleigh.  Welcome, Karen! We are grateful to her along with the nine new members listed below for helping us meet our Mizzou Triangle Tigers membership goal!

  • Mary Beth Seaton
  • Bill Seaton
  • Bruce Northcutt
  • Greg Northcutt
  • Ken Fiend
  • David Fiend
  • Trey Salacki
  • Megan Schroeder
  • Bruce Schroeder
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